Scrap Dragon Classic


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Systems Improvement Group, dba Scap Dragon was founded in 1983 by Phil Cuba. Scrap Dragon Classic is written on Microsoft FoxPro and is considered the industry standard for point of sale and compliance solutions. 

Scrap Dragon development and support is still based in Atlanta, GA where we are constantly innovating and updating to make sure we deliver a product that can grow with a scrap yard's needs.

Our team of Support and Developers are just a phone call or an email away! 

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Scrap Dragon Xtreme


Since joining Scrap Dragon in 2007 Adam Blick has taken an industry favorite and made it even better with the developement of Scrap Dragon Xtreme.

Now written in .Net and utilizing Microsoft SQL database management, Scrap Dragon Xtreme allows for cloud hosting, multi-yard management, and offers the flexibility modern scrap yards need to succeed. 

Chris Foster joined Scrap Dragon in 2018 as our Implementation Coordinator and brings 10+ years working in various management positions at multiple scrap yards. 

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Transact Payment Systems


Ken Gruber founded Transact Payment Systems Inc in 1996 and has developed the industry leading, EZCash ATM, along with their JPEGger transaction image management solution.  

Tranact assists in the sales and billing for Scrap Dragon along with the sales and support of hardware and peripheral equipment to operate our software. 

Tranact works hand-in-hand with Scrap Dragon as another layer of support and industry expertise to better serve our customers

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