Scrap Yard ATM

EZCash ATM by Transact Payment Systems

Point-of-Purchase Interface

The EZCash ATM software interfaces with Scrap Dragon seamlessly. 

Barcode is Printed on Receipt

On the cashier payment screen just select pay by "EZCash" to have the one-time use barcode printed on top of the customer's receipt. 

Scan barcode at the EZCash ATM!

scrap yard atm

Scan the barcode at the ATM and get paid cash! 


  • Exterior Rated
  • Barcode Reader
  • Dual Cash Dispenser
  • 8 Cassettes – Up to 16,000 Notes
  • UL Rated Safe
  • Optional Coin Dispenser

Call Tranact at 727-568-7075 for more information


  • Interior Rated
  • Barcode Reader
  • Single Cash Dispenser
  • 4 Cassettes – Up to 8,000 Notes
  • UL Rated Safe
  • Small Footprint